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This was just sent to us and yes the traffic lights are out in parts of West Melbourne. When this photo was taken there were no officers directing traffic so it's time for everyone to remember how to safely navigate a four way stop which is what happens when the lights aren't operational. Patience is the key because it's not worth getting hurt or hurting someone just because you don't want to wait an extra couple seconds to get through an intersection. Stay safe everyone!

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  • 1 hour ago by Destination Brevard

    Destination Brevard
    Without a doubt, the area long known as "The Compound" can be a dangerous place when you consider all of the activities that go on out there. Whether it's drifters out there racing their cars, four wheelers and motorcycles bursting across the streets without warning or people finding their own private shooting range, you do need to have some common sense when you're out there and for sure you need to be cautious. It's where my son learned to drive and I couldn't think of a better place because you literally never know what might be coming at you around each corner and at least in my opinion it taught him to be VERY aware of his surroundings from the very beginning. For example, we were out there one day (I don't believe he even had his permit yet but don't quote me on that!) and we were stopped at a stop sign and when he started to pull out a Palm Bay FD brush truck came racing past without its lights or sirens on. He learned real quick that even when you think it's okay to go, you'd better keep an eye open on your surroundings. Another time years ago I was out there taking photos of a little local girl who had just started racing motocross and well, there's not many places for people to ride their motorcycles off road in Brevard so it was an obvious choice as to where to go. And Jacqueline Ross is a little older but she's still riding all over North America! And then much more recently I was out there with a local cosplay celebrity taking a couple of pictures while he was filming and the spot we went to was already occupied by a family that was out having some time on the "range" but when they saw Cecil Garner they stopped and took a few pictures with him. So, with this unfortunate tragedy you can bet that there will be more of a police presence by the Palm Bay Police and Fire Departments and it's up to everyone that goes out there to be responsible and very careful because no not everyone will be responsible. http://www.floridato...lorida/89590620/
    Two killed in crash at The Compound in Palm Bay
    54 minutes ago Bobby Putnam 5
    The City should have made that an ATV park when they had the chance
    11 minutes ago Bobby Putnam
    Yes so was all of the EELs land too
    33 minutes ago Spencer Breeden
    It's 95% privately owned
    35 minutes ago Tera Lynn Franklin 1
    Mike Suominen
    37 minutes ago Mandy Karol 1
    Julaneinn Armstrong Wild Bill Lori Anne Armstrong
    26 minutes ago Mike Suominen
    leave it to a few people to ruin it for everyone. hopefully it's not an upswing now that school is back in session. guess we'll see how it pans out.
    27 minutes ago Tiffany Parker
    The article says that the kid ran a stop sign at 1:30 am, even if police were out there he still may have run it or run another one elsewhere....
    11 seconds ago Jill French
    No stop signs in the compound, it's undeveloped paved roads.
    32 minutes ago Terri Bartlett Berry
    Summer Hoskins
    30 minutes ago Kris Fitzmaurice
    So sad.. rip
    45 minutes ago Amanda Wise
    Shawn Wise Kathy Dircks so sad
    41 minutes ago Daniel La Veck
    If these are city or county roads that are accessible to the public and they have no stop signs at intersections, aren't they liable for someone getting hurt or killed. I admit I do not know where this is located, but if I for some strange reason ended up in this area and came upon this intersection how would I know to stop? Especially in the middle of the night. Just asking.
    37 minutes ago Victoria Lees-Bland 1
    You really won't have a need to be out there. Once you see the area you will turn around so no worries :)
    35 minutes ago Nickole Pharo Beck 1
    This is in an open compound. These are not main roads that are driven on. The streets are superficial, basically. People go out there for recreational reasons.
    33 minutes ago Terri Bartlett Berry
    No. You still must obey traffic laws.
    32 minutes ago Geri Hill
    Even if there were stop signs, at night, they wouldn't be seen. No street lights are there.
    23 minutes ago Austin Harris
    Stop signs are retro reflective you can see them when light is on them such as headlights
    42 seconds ago Jill French
    Doesn't help that reports are saying the truck didn't have their lights on. But regardless, reports also state the truck was speeding.
  • 2 hours ago by Destination Brevard

    Destination Brevard
    Here is a video clip taken yesterday before we did the live video from Bass Pro Shops of the alligators being fed. Before you watch it please understand that these are animals that were raised in captivity so they have learned how to behave to receive food from their handlers (who are not Bass Pro Shops employees). They are not pets but even pets can bite the hand that feeds them so it is always a good idea to have an understanding of whatever animal you are dealing with. Those sticks are simple pieces of PVC, not "cattle prods" and they are used to guide the gators when needed. These animals are well cared for and since it's open season on gators right now in the wild you could say that there are fewer places where they could be safer. 😄
    1 hour ago Mary Ann Lewis 2
    Charles and Laura, this is right by our place. :-)
    23 minutes ago Laura Billings
    NO THANKS!!! 🐉🚫
    1 hour ago Kerry Deer
    Thanks for clarification, I wondered about the "trained" behavior when it was live yesterday.
    2 hours ago Suzie Rentfro
    Oooohhhh! Now it all makes sense! ....yeah right. Hahaha!
    1 hour ago Susan McGilp
    Fiona, Sheena
    56 minutes ago Sheena Fitzpatrick
    In our Bass Pro they just have nice wee fishies!
    2 hours ago Cindy Martin
  • 3 hours ago by Destination Brevard

    Destination Brevard
    See-through canoe- $1500 Paddling for a couple hours- Free, but pretty tiring. Having a pair of dolphins go upside down vertical to splash you using their tails- Priceless!!!
    Florida Today
    2 hours ago Zach Davis 1
    Meghan Vetter
    2 minutes ago Randi Ansted-Guyer
    MUST be Florida. Nice green water:(
    8 minutes ago Shana Nicole
    Erin Kirkpatrick
    45 minutes ago Lauren Carlough
    Angie Houston Brammer

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