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We actually do call Saturday # during football season at Cafe Mi Casa because you can pretty much count on something going in one of the smokers every week. Tonight's dinner specials include; Hickory Smoked Cajun Blackened Dry Rubbed Wings, Seasoned Hickory Smoked Turkey Legs and Hickory Smoked Dry Rubbed St. Louis Ribs with a Sweet & Hot Honey Mustard BBQ Sauce. Three different meats, three different seasonings and one homemade BBQ sauce (unfortunately the recipe for the sauce must remain top secret). I do have to say that the Cajun Blackening Seasoning from the Yellow Dog Cafe is one of my favorites and you can pick it up at the restaurant, Downtown Produce, the Melbourne Beach Market and Wassis Meats.

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  • 10 hours ago by Destination Brevard

    Destination Brevard
    An update on the "anomaly" that occurred at Space Launch Complex 40 earlier this month and how the company is looking forward to using Pad 39A possibly as soon as November.
    Anomaly Updates
  • 11 hours ago by Destination Brevard

    Destination Brevard
    After looking at their menu, something tells me that Bar Refuge is going to get spotlighted tomorrow morning for an early Sunday brunch...... https://www.facebook...s/menu/?p_ref=pa
    Bar Refuge
    9 hours ago Gale Babbitt
    The crispy Brussel sprouts are delicious!
    10 hours ago Susan Peters
    Looks like a page of the menu is missing: Salads and Sandwiches. The Hawaiian Pork Sandwich is so good!
  • 11 hours ago by Destination Brevard

    Destination Brevard
    Basically what we have here are 22 Central Florida road trips worth doing this fall. http://photos.orland...stian-academy-fb
    22 Central Florida pumpkin patches and corn mazes to put you in the fall mood
    10 hours ago Robin McMichael Moon 1
    OH HOW I WISH someone could put these locations on a map so I could tell what is close to me without having to look up all 22!!!
    10 hours ago Jaclyn Perdomo 1
    None in Brevard? :(
    9 hours ago Destination Brevard 1
    None of these. We have posted about a bunch of fall and Halloween themed activities in Brevard over the past couple weeks including today and will continue to do so but we will also keep posting about things to do around the state because quite a few people will go way out of the way for some of this stuff.
    10 hours ago Megan Murphy Henning 1
    Chris Henning
    9 hours ago Kimberly Tranberg Spiegel
    Vincent Fittanto, Monika Kluge, Michael Spiegel
    8 hours ago Monika Kluge 1
    Awesome!! Yay!
    10 hours ago Melanie King
    Shawn King
    10 hours ago Pauline Warren
    Monica Martin
    Kristina Redding Furci
    11 hours ago Joel Feliciano
    Jennifer Feliciano
    10 hours ago Sarah Peters
    Debra Kelly Myers
    10 hours ago Susan Muñiz
    Annaliese Russel
    9 hours ago Annaliese Russel
    Mount Dora looks cool
    10 hours ago Clarissa Lancaster
    Alexandria Greenstein

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