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12/03/11- SCSO & the Galmont Ballet's "The Nutcracker" Part III

12/10/11- Brevard Community Chorus holiday concert Part II


The Osborne Family Spectacle of Dancing Lights


About Space Coast Holidays

Have you ever wondered why there is not a place for information on upcoming concerts, festivals, and other holiday functions happening on the Space Coast?

Well Space Coast Holidays will bring you the that and more this fall as we put together a comprehensive list of what to do when and where for the fall holiday season.

Add to that some fun trivia and history about the holidays and you have Space Coast Holidays.


Interesting May Holidays


5/1- May Day, 5/2- Brothers and Sisters Day, 5/3- World Press Freedom Day, 5/4- SpaceDay, 5/5- Cinco de Mayo, 5/6- National Tourist Appreciation Day, 5/6- No Diet Day, 5/7- National Tourism Day, 5/8- National Teachers Day 5/8- V-E Day, 5/9- Lost Sock Memorial Day, 5/10- Clean Up Your Room Day, 5/11- Eat What You Want Day, 5/12- Limerick Day, 5/13- Mother's Day, 5/14- Dance Like a Chicken Day, 5/15- National Chocolate Chip Day, 5/16- Love a Tree Day, 5/17- Pack Rat Day, 5/18- No Dirty Dishes Day, 5/19- Armed Forces Day, 5/20- Pick Strawberries Day, 5/22- Buy a Musical Instrument Day, 5/24- National Escargot Day, 5/25- NAtional Missing Children's Day, 5/26- International Jazz Day, 5/27- Sun Screen Day, 5/28- Memorial Day, 5/29- Learn About Composting Day, 5/30- Water a Flower Day, 5/31- Save Your Hearing Day