Weather on the Space Coast

A quick look at beach conditions along the Space Coast












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Typical seasonal weather for Florida's Space Coast

Winter- Mild compared to the rest of the country with highs averaging in the low 70's, the Space Coast does see its share of cooler weather. On average there are 4-5 days per year where nighttime lows reach near freezing. The good thing is that these short bursts of cold weather are usually followed by much milder temperatures.

Spring- Our "spring" lasts until the beginning of May with afternoon temperatures in the mid 70's to mid 80's. By the middle of May we start to get into the early summer weather pattern with highs in the upper 80's and an ocassional chance of rain.

Summer- It is Florida and that means it gets very warm during the summer months. Highs average in the upper 80's to low 90's and frequently reach well into the mid 90's. It helps that on most days there is a brisk sea breeze along the coast that will help alleviate those brutal afternoons.

Also, by the middle of June we are beginning our "rainy season" and can count on a high percentage of our afternoons being interupted by strong thrunderstorms that will blow right through the area. It is best to plan for these storms and have some inside activities planned if they start to head this way.

Oh, it is Florida and that means that means the start of hurricane season which begins June 1st. It is always a good idea to know the status of any storms that may interfere with your plans.

Fall- This is kind of tricky. Fall begins in September, but our temperatures follow the same summer pattern pretty much through all of September. Highs in the upper 80's to lower 90's and the rainy season starts to slack off some. September is also the peak of hurricane season, so keep an eye on the tropics. By October we are starting to look for our first break from the heat. Late October and all of November is a great time to enjoy the Space Coast as the temperatures cool off a little bit.


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