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It started with food, you know.

Before we had military installations or rocket launches, before northerners rolled up their parasols and headed to our beaches, Brevardians provided friends and visitors with good things to eat, from Douglas Dummitt’s oranges and the pineapples grown on plantations near the beaches in the 1800s, to fish and shrimp caught off our shores in the early 20th century.

Now, perhaps too quietly, the Space Coast offers excellent fare and the tools with which to prepare it. It also has discerning diners who no longer accept mediocrity, but are completely comfortable with specialties from all around the world and just around the corner.

As with most things, Brevardians also manage to dine and drink well with few traces of pretense. The woman who dines on fine continental fare and excellent wine in Cocoa Village one night may be pulling rock shrimp and downing sweet tea in Titusville the next. The man who smokes 20 pounds of Boston butt on Monday may serve foie gras canapés on Tuesday.

That’s us: a little sophisticated, a little down-home, with an ever changing (and improving, we think) food and beverage scene suited to an increasingly sophisticated community, much of it is provided by restaurant owners, retailers and cooks from right here on the Space Coast.

We want to give you something of interest about the foods, beverages and things that go along with them, and we want to give the people and places that provide them as much attention as we can, hopefully convincing more neighbors and visitors to join us.

So here’s to your health, and see you at the table.

Dine well. Dine happily. Dine Brevard.

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